Services Offered

Lovett Technology helps small to medium-sized companies identify inefficiencies and risks in their Information Technology (IT) processes, develop a sound IT strategy, and leverage process improvement, technology, and innovation to reduce ongoing costs while growing the business to achieve a competitive advantage.

Fractional CIO

Part-time/Interim IT Leadership

Serve as a part-time CIO/IT Leader for companies needing an IT leadership boost at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time person.  Ideal for situations where a key member has left the company, leadership gaps, mergers and acquisitions, growing companies, as well as stop-gap measures.

IT Consultant

Expertise that gets the job done!

Experienced with troubleshooting, getting and keeping projects on track (Project Management), performance tuning and process optimization, cutting out wasteful processes, identifying opportunities for optimization, and creating a competitive edge.

Data Management

SQL Server Expertise

Help businesses implement new databases, data warehouses, reporting solutions, extract-transform-load (ETL), performance turning, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and database administration (DBA).  Expertise is in the Microsoft SQL Server set of products (SQL Server, SSMS, SSRS, SSIS).

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