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Welcome to Lovett Technology!

I help small/medium companies by providing technical leadership to bring calm to the chaos, resolve Information Technology (IT) bottlenecks, maximize business/IT partnerships to identify opportunities, and leverage technology to provide a competitive advantage.

I do this by providing Fractional CIO and Interim IT Leader services.  Through cost savings, cost avoidance, and company growth my clients save money and increase revenue by up to 25%!


Are your IT worries keeping you up at night? 

I can help you if:

- Your IT leader just resigned and you need to plan your next steps 

​- Your company is filled with IT bottlenecks: slow and clunky applications, inefficient processes, long wait times to get computer issues resolved

- You are dealing with constant finger-pointing between your business and IT teams 

- You think of IT as a necessary evil rather than a solution that will give you a competitive advantage 

- Your IT team members are frustrated and stressed by putting out nonstop fires with no opportunity to learn and grow


Here is what I bring to the table: 

- Technical leadership to weather the storm and provide a calm and organized approach to quickly more forward

- Technical expertise to identify IT bottlenecks and optimize, eliminate, or streamline to bring speed to your processes

- Help with building a business/IT partnership to get more value and less blame

- Creating and executing an IT strategy that will give your business a competitive advantage

- Experience transitioning IT teams from order-takers to collaborative professionals delivering innovative solutions


You will experience the following: 

- A sigh of relief knowing you have a fractional or interim competent IT leader in place so you have time to figure out your next steps

- Improvements in process times - less waiting, better throughput, less employee frustration 

- Trust between business and IT to jointly create and execute plans that will grow the business

- A strategy plan that will allow you to get a lot more out of your IT, and provide you with a competitive advantage 

- All good night's sleep knowing you have an engaged IT team and securing and improving your IT processes 


Want to learn more? 

- Click on "Schedule an Intro Call" (at the top of the page) for a free 30-minute consultation to chat about your issues to see how I can help you

- Review the information on this website, including services, projects, and the blog.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you to see how I can help you take your business to the next level! 

Thanks for visiting! 

Shawn Lovett 

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