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Lovett Technology Services

Fractional CIO

  • All the experience without the cost 

  • A fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides your company with an experienced executive at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

  • You pay a monthly retainer and have me available for 8, 16, 24, or more/less hours per week as your CIO. I serve in the CIO role, helping you research products, develop your strategy, lead your IT team, and execute projects to help your company achieve a competitive advantage. 

  • This provides an excellent short-term or long-term solution for growing companies, mergers, acquisitions, ownership changes, retirements, or personnel changes.

Interim IT Leader

  • Quickly fill a technical leadership void

  • If your company is facing a technical leadership void, I can quickly fill that void and provide calm to the chaos. 

  • IT teams are continuously faced with multiple challenges. Leadership is a key component to keep them able to complete their tasks without unnecessary distractions. 

  • Sometimes unexpected changes result in a leadership void; an employee leaving the company, personal time off, company reorganizations, rapid company growth, for example. 

  • An interim IT leader keeps the ship on a steady course until you decide your next step, such as hiring a full-time IT leader.

Technical Project Manager

  • Do you have projects that are stuck? 

  • Leaders are often overwhelmed trying to do everything so projects fall off the radar.

  • A key part of project management is getting tasks completed while respecting everyone's time 

  • As Project Manager I take over the project and keep leadership informed of its status.

  • I've been through the complex navigation of projects to develop the solution, overcoming obstacles along the way and keeping the project on track for a success outcome.

IT Consultant / IT Advisor

  • Sometimes you just need an experienced IT professional to help you through a challenging journey.

  • Throughout my career I have had to troubleshoot complex issues - often there is no clear solution so you work your way through the process to decipher the cause and identify a solution.

  • Companies often have risks hiding both in sight and out of sight - critical software programs written long away by a person who left the company years ago; systems that are continually breaking down requiring a quick 5 minute fix by an IT team member; software that breaks each time there is a new Microsoft update; processes that have never been tested but are critical to the business (such as a database restore).

  • As the company owner or leader, you always want to understand in non-technical terms everything about your company's IT processing.

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