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Projects: Key projects from my career

Manufacturing Company: State of the Art Order Entry System

  • Replaced our aging and old technology-based applications with cloud-based, modern technology web-based applications.

  • This allowed customers to enter completely customized cabinet orders using rules-based logic.  It also eliminated the need for our internal Customer Service agents to reenter each order from a printed fax or email into our internal system

  • This project easily saved our company millions annually in employee time, more accurate orders, and a major reduction in replacing items that were ordered incorrect

Finance Company: $12 Million Annual Revenue Retention

  • Due to a legal change, we needed to turn off a $12 million annual revenue stream unless we could meet the updated legal requirements

  • Working with my business partner, we were able to develop and implement a process change that allowed us to meet the updated legal requirements. 

  • This allowed our company to continue with this $12 million annual revenue stream.

Manufacturing Company: Product Pricing Data Warehouse/Modeling System

  • Our company realized it was time to get rid of our antiquated, cumbersome pricing rules.

  • Using historical manufacturing data, I created a data warehouse and modeling system, allowing us to set up different pricing rules and run historical orders through this process.

  • This allowed our team to observe the estimated costs, volume, and profits using different pricing models.

  • As a result, we were able to greatly simplify our pricing rules with high confidence that it would not impact our revenue and profits.

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