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Are you getting the technology you paid for?

We love the magic of purchasing a new piece of software. Their website shows happy customers loving the fact that this system automated all their processes. 

The prospective client pipeline is full, and you only need to spend four hours per week reaching out the new clients. Reporting will show you a profit line that only moves in one direction, up. The software is so easy to use that it doesn't require a manual. 

Then reality sets in. To set up the system you will need many, many hours of professional services. Your hardware is not powerful enough to host it, but we can put you in the cloud for a nomimal price. The functionality you wanted? Well, that required a module that wasn't included in the purchase, but we can add it. 

Do you want to avoid this scenario? 

I will help you navigate the entire process, from understanding your true needs and requirements, looking at various options, selecting those solutions that best fit your company (size, budget, on-site expertise), and implement the solutions so that you end up with a working product that benefits your company. 

And, as an added bonus, you won't lay awake all night long worrying about it. 

Message me to have a quick converstation on how I can help you with your business. 

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