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I was speaking with a business owner:

Owner: Our reports suck! Too slow, always breaking, wrong numbers!

Me: How much is it costing your business? 

Owner: I don't know. Somewhere between $500K - $1 million per year!

Me: How much would it cost to resolve this problem? 

Owner: Too much! It would be way too expensive! 

Me: Do you have estimates on what it would cost? 

Owner: Nope. 

Me: Let me understand. So you have a problem costing your business between $500K and $1 million per year, and no idea what it would cost to fix it, correct? 

Owner: Um.....yep.

Unfortunately, conversations like this are common in business. We ask our friends, families, neighbors for their advice but we don't ask an expert who can assess the situation and give us an accurate estimate. 

If we talk to an expert we will be provided with a list of options and estimated costs. Then we (or the business owner) can make a decision that is best for the business. 

That's where I come in. I can look at your problem, assess the situation, and provide you with options. Then you, as the business owner, can decide to go with an option or just leave things the way they are. But at least you know the cost. 

Message me to set up a 30 minute conversation to discuss your problem. 

It's much better than watching your business lose money to a problem that is fixable. 

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