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How much money do you lose on projects that get stuck?

How much money do you lose on projects that get stuck? 

You and your team have a great idea. Everyone is energized as you discuss the opportunities and benefits from this project. During each meeting more ideas come up, and you can't wait to start implementing.

Then the trouble begins. Everyone is overloaded with daily crisises, and deadlines kept getting pushed out. The project slowly drags to a crawl, meetings get postponed, and the initial energy is completely gone. The project is now stuck in the mud, and it will take great deal of effort to get it restarted. 

A year later you realize the value of this idea and restart the project. Once again, the cycle repeats itself and the project stalls followed by a slow death.

The solution? Bring in a fractional resource to run the project. Your team can be the subject matter experts so we are using their strengths without bogging down their time. This resource can help you focus on initial quick wins so you get immediate value and savings, plus make sure that we are efficiently and effectively using your staff's valuable time. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to me and we can schedule a quick call. 

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