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Business leaders: Does your company's entire IT depend on one person?

Many small and medium businesses started out with very little in terms of software and computer systems. Over the years software solutions were developed, updated computers were installed, and the business grew. 

In many companies one person or a small team built these up. These solutions did the trick and are still in use. The entire business is also dependent on them. 

Do you have a disaster plan? What if your key person leaves the company? We like to use the term "hit by a bus", but it could be anything including an accident, health reasons, a great offer from somewhere else. or stubbornness to modernize and protect internal systems. 

Ignoring the issue won't make it go away. 

And you will sleep better at night addressing it now rather than laying awake wondering what could happen to your business. 

Let's talk. We can find out your concerns and map out options that may save your business. 

Book a 30 minute call with me to get started.

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