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Is your company going through endless IT chaos?

The problem might be the IT leadership.

I'll seen a lot of excellent IT team members get burned out from chasing crisis after crisis:

Working nights and weekends to complete a critical business project, only to see the software sit on the shelves for months and months.

Running to end of the factory floor to fix a "broken monitor" only to find that someone had unplugged it to charge their smart phone.

Businesses buying software without telling the IT team until they need a SQL database with full admin rights for the vendor coming in the next day.

Getting blamed for everything that goes wrong - if the problem is 99% business and 1% IT, you guessed it - IT gets blamed.

Most IT team members are very capable and quick learners. If they spend most of their days putting out fires they never have time for training and taking on interesting and challenging projects. And they never grow.

If your company has IT leadership challenges, I can help. Sometimes the new IT leader just needs coaching, other times you might not have the right leader.

But once you find the right leader you will notice a vast improvement in IT support, plus a more engaged and happier IT team.

Msg me and we can set up a quick introduction call.

Or you can continue to deal with the IT chaos.

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