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Technical Leadership: When to call an expert

We love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. If we watch enough Youtube videos we can become an expert on just about anything - or so we want to believe.

There are times when the smart move is to call in an expert.

Sure, we might be able to figure it out given enough time and research, but what else is not getting done while we are "researching"?

Think of a business problem that you were not able to solve, no matter how long you thought about it. Then you called in an expert and within a short time, you had a solution. How much more time would you have wasted trying to solve it?

One of my favorite experiences was when I was called into a meeting with senior management (our company had just been sold). They were about to turn off a $12 million annual revenue stream due to new legal requirements.

I was the IT expert in the room. I listened. And thought. And asked questions.

At the end of the meeting, I turned to my business partner and asked, "Remember that idea you suggested a few months ago? I think that might be the solution we need!"

As it turns out, it was a great solution! We quickly implemented the process change and the $12 million revenue stream kept running.

My choice of this topic for today? Our main drain was plugged. I used my auger yesterday and tried everything I could with no success. I called in the expert - the drain expert. He had the tools, the experience, and was able to quickly resolve the issue.

I happily paid him for his expertise and for fixing the problem.

Otherwise, I would have spent another day watching Youtube videos, making trips to the hardware store, and trying different things until I resolved the issue - or had to call the expert.

I'm back to what I do best - solve IT problems!

Do you have an IT issue you would love to resolve and don't have the time to watch hundreds of Youtube videos?

Msg, call (763-244-0352) me or email me at and let's chat!

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